Annual Student Review Process

Information taken from the Adler School Student Handbook; refer to the handbook for the most current policy.

Students entering all programs at the Adler School are reviewed by the faculty each year. This comprehensive review occurs within departmental faculty team (e.g., MAO, MAC, PsyD, MAT, MAF, MAP, etc.). Fall entering students are reviewed during the spring term and spring entering students are reviewed during the summer term of their first year. In addition, departmental faculty complete a comprehensive review of all students in each respective program on an annual basis during the summer term.

The following steps outline the student review process:

  1. Program Directors (PD) collaborate with the Director of Student and Alumni Affairs (DSAA) to schedule dates for Departmental student reviews.
  2. The Program Directors can request a list of all students enrolled in their program with the Registrar's Office.
  3. Core and adjunct faculty will be asked to provide input to the advisor for each student on the list regarding academic, clinical/counseling/business training, and comportment issues prior to the Departmental Review meeting. It is expected that any concerns about a students' performance will have been discussed with a student by the faculty member prior to sharing information with the advisor. It is not the responsibility of the advisor to convey feedback to a student that has not already been given by the faculty who observed the performance and/or behavior.
  4. The AVPSA will provide advisors with any pertinent information about students on the list related to concerns noted on grade sheets and documented concerns about a student filed with the office of Student Affairs prior to the Departmental Review meeting.
  5. The Program Director will provide the advisor with any relevant information related to SCEC or Training Committee recommendations.
  6. The advisor will review the academic and training file of advisees prior to the Departmental Review meeting.
  7. During the Departmental Student Review meeting academic advisors will present any information collected about each student on the list for faculty discussion.
  8. Recommendations about student performance and input will be documented by the administrative assistant for Academic Affairs (AA). The AA will draft a form letter to each student reviewed during the meeting and a draft will be sent to each respective advisor for editing and review. Once this feedback is received from the advisor, the AA will print a final letter for the faculty member's signature. The original form letter will be sent will be mailed to the student and cc'd to the student's advisor and the AVPSA. The AVPSA will coordinate with the registrar's office to ensure that a copy of the form is placed in the student's academic file.
  9. Following the Departmental Student Review Meeting, each advisor will communicate information about the results of the review to his/her advisee and provide advisement and support to address concerns or recommendations made by the faculty. Students who have documented concerns will need to meet with their advisor during the semester in which the review occurs and faculty will be asked to provide an update during the next faculty student review process.