General Student Grievance and Appeal Procedure

Information taken from the Adler School Student Handbook; refer to the handbook for the most current policy.

The Adler School of Professional Psychology has adopted this general student appeal procedure to resolve concerns that students may have about the implementation of Adler School policies and procedures. The primary objective of this student appeal procedure is to ensure that student concerns are dealt with promptly and resolutions reached in a reasonable manner. This general student appeal procedure will be followed except in cases where there is a specific appeal procedure governing a specific policy.

Before pursuing this general student appeal procedure, every reasonable effort must be made by the student to resolve issues with faculty, staff, or administrators. Therefore, problems or complaints must first be discussed with the individuals involved. Faculty, staff and administrators should respond promptly to answer questions and/or to resolve problems or complaints brought to their attention by students.

Informal Procedure

The initial step of the student appeal procedure is for the student to first try to obtain resolution or redress through discussions with the person(s) involved. These discussions should be held as soon as possible. Students are strongly encouraged to seek support and assistance from their advisor as well as the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs.

If the student feels that a satisfactory solution has not been provided, the student should further discuss the matter with his/her faculty advisor for assistance on other options. If the matter is still not resolved, the student should proceed to the formal appeal procedure.

Basis for Appeal

A student has the right to appeal issues of academic status, disciplinary action or dismissal if the student believes:

  1. There is procedural error identified that indicates a breach (of a substantive nature) of institutional processes or procedures.
  2. There is new information, of a substantive nature, that was not available at the time that the decision was made. (New information may require documentation.)
  3. The initial decision is biased.

The School reserves the right to temporarily restrict students who have been referred for a comprehensive evaluation process from attending classes, training, or School-sponsored activities, events or programs while under review. This restriction may apply throughout related appeal processes.

Formal Appeal Procedures

Students who wish to appeal for reasons stated above must present an appeal, in writing, within 10 business days of the initial decision was made. The appeal should be directed to the Vice President of Administration. Students must submit an appeal clearly stating the grounds for the appeal and any supporting statement or documentation. The Vice President will decide if a meeting with the student is necessary. The Vice President will render a written decision to the student within 10 business days of receipt of the appeal letter. The School reserves the right to extend the decision date depending on the circumstances in order to conduct a full review. This extension will not exceed 30 business days. The Vice President of Administration can, at his/her discretion, convene an appeal review committee to review any appeal. All decisions on appeals are final.