Student Complaint Policy and Log

Information taken from the Adler School Student Handbook; refer to the handbook for the most current policy.

Any informal or verbal complaint from a student will be considered by the institutional officer who is responsible for the area in which the complaint is made. If the informal complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, the student may decide to submit a formal complaint through the Office of Student Affairs. Students on the Vancouver campus should submit their formal complaint through the Director of Admissions and Student Services.

Student Complaint Process

Step 1: The Student completes the "Written Student Complaint Form" and submits to the Office of Student Affairs at [email protected]
Step 2: The Office of Student Affairs will respond in writing to acknowledge that they have received the complaint and will direct it to the institutional officer who is responsible for the area in which the complaint is made.
Step 3: The institutional officer has 30 days to respond to the complaint and will inform the student and the Office of Student Affairs of their decision.
Step 4: If the complaint is not resolved to the student's satisfaction, the student can follow the Grievance procedures to appeal the decision.

The Adler School provides published policies on the General Student Grievance and Appeal Procedure, Academic Standards, Student Conduct and Comprehensive Evaluation and the Annual Student Review Process. These procedures include provisions for formally resolving issues and will not be considered as complaints that are to be included in the log of student complaints.

The Office of Student Affairs will maintain a log entry on a student complaint which includes:

  1. the date the complaint was submitted
  2. the nature of the complaint
  3. the steps taken to resolve the complaint
  4. the date and the final decision regarding the complaint, including referral to outside agencies, and
  5. any other external actions initiated by the student to resolve the complaint, if known by the Adler School (e.g. lawsuit, EEOC investigation, etc.)

The information in the log of student complaints, which is maintained by the Office of Student Affairs, is confidential. It will be made available for outside review by the Department of Education, the Higher Learning Commission and etc. However, steps will be taken to insure the anonymity of any student who files a complaint.

The purpose of an outside review can include but is not limited to:

  1. establish that the Adler School processes complaints in a timely manner
  2. demonstrates fairness and attention to student concerns, and
  3. to identify any pattern in the complaints that suggests problems with institutional quality.