Netiquette Policy

In an online classroom it is necessary to still demonstrate proper manners, known as Netiquette. Review the Adler Online Netiquette policy below:

  1. Think before you post
    Unlike in a face-to-face course you cannot use facial expressions or voice intonations to convey emotion or intent, therefore it is imperative that you carefully re-read your comments to ensure your message comes across the way you intend it and will not be taken as offensive by another participant. Furthermore, everything you post is recorded for everyone to see so it cannot be just "taken back".

  2. You can't just sit in the back
    The only way to be noticed and acknowledged in an online course is to participate. There is not net-equivalent to sitting in the back and nodding along to a discussion or lecture.

  3. This is still a course
    Although you are not sitting in a classroom, you are still in an Adler University course and you should treat it that way. Be professional and respectful with your posts and submissions. Use proper spelling and grammar, do not tell off-color jokes or make offensive comments. Do not YELL, by using all caps, or flame, by insulting another participant directly, keep your comments directed towards the course.

  4. Forgive
    As you will soon realize it can be difficult to convey the correct meaning and intentions in a text-based setting so give other participants the benefit of the doubt and if you think a post or comment is offensive or inappropriate report it to the instructor.

  5. Use course space appropriately
    Keep assignment spaces clear of social comments and course questions. Use the forums set up by your instructor for "social chatter" and "course questions" accordingly.

  6. Be yourself and be honest

  7. Be respectful
    Do not to post any disrespectful comment for anyone.

Follow the Adler University's Academic Honesty policy. Do not misrepresent yourself in an online course.