Incomplete Grade

Information taken from the 2012-2013 Adler School Catalog; refer to the catalog for the most current policy.

An “I” (Incomplete) grade will be granted only in exceptional situations when requirements for a course cannot be completed in the normal time allowed. An Incomplete grade is allowed only with the written consent of the instructor and indicates that the student has presented a satisfactory reason for receiving an Incomplete grade. Students must request an Incomplete grade prior to the due date of the final requirement of the class in question.

For an Incomplete grade to be granted, students must file a completed Incomplete Agreement form with the Registrar that has been approved and signed by the instructor. The form states specifically what the student must do to satisfy the course requirements, including the instructor’s grading criteria and the agreed-upon completion date. The maximum time limit for finishing incomplete work is the end of the following term.

Notation of an “I” grade remains on the transcript alongside the final grade following completion of the requirement. Receipt of one or more “I” grades may preclude students from enrolling in subsequent terms; may render the student ineligible for federal student aid; and may result in the student being referred to the Student Comprehensive Evaluation Committee (SCEC).

If the course work is not successfully completed within the time limit established by the instructor (less than one term, or within one term following the course), the grade “Incomplete” will be changed automatically to an “F” (Fail). Students who receive an “F” will be referred to the Student Comprehensive Evaluation Committee (SCEC) for evaluation. Students who do not meet with the Student Comprehensive Evaluation Committee when requested to do so may face immediate dismissal from their program and Adler School.