MAMC Faculty and Student Social Media Guidelines

As associates of Adler University, faculty and students of the MAMC degree program must operate in compliance with the School’s official Social Media Policy.  The policy in its entirety is copied below for MAMC faculty and students, and can be accessed by faculty in the faculty handbook.   The following is an addendum to this policy with more specific references to how MAMC faculty and students may incorporate the use of social media throughout the MAMC curriculum. 

Studying and practicing the use of social media will be a significant curriculum component in the MAMC program of Adler University.  As result, MAMC courses may uniquely incorporate social media activities throughout the curriculum as we practice theories and the execution of media projects.   

Some activities may incorporate social media activities outside of Ember.   In such cases, a review of the proposed activity shall be conducted by the Program Director to assist in determining risks, necessary precautions or the rare need, for example, to secure participation consent or, articulate a disclaimer – a more widely practiced act of precaution in public communication spaces.  

In order to implement portions of the MAMC curriculum, students and faculty will need to accept connection requests from one-another.  For this reason, we strongly advise each faculty and student to create a MAMC related profile; though not required.   

As MAMC activities may involve contact with the public (non-Adler students or employees), faculty and students must act in a manner that always respects and never exploits the public or each other, or any assumed power inherent in such contact.

As with the School’s policy for the use of social media, any violation of the policy or guidelines pertained in this addendum may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of student or faculty status.

From Faculty Handbook for Adler University:

Faculty and Staff Social Media Guidelines

Social Media outlets provide useful channels for increasing the speed with which information is disseminated, as well as expanding the potential audience which can be reached. However, as with all technologies, it is important that to recognize the potential for unforeseen, or unintended consequences. 
In order to temper any potential risks, this document is designed to guide faculty, staff, and other authorized users in the use of social media at Adler University.


Social Media is defined as any electronic tool that allows for social, interactive, and connective communication and learning, allowing for but not limited to: 


Interacting with people online is no different than interacting with individuals face-to-face. Therefore, Adler employees are expected to maintain the respect, dignity, and professionalism that is consistent with our mission and beliefs, and act with concern for the online safety and protection of students, the School, and themselves.

Guidelines for Social Media Usage:

When using social media it is important to remember that your profiles are public domain and that this information can be accessed if certain precautions are not taken:

Recommendations Regarding Employee Social Media Usage:

Adherence to Social Media Policy Guidelines 

As employees of Adler University, all faculty and staff members are expected to maintain the same level of professionalism and appropriate conduct online as would be expected in live, face-to-face interactions, when operating in a professional capacity (i.e. interacting with students, co-workers, or other partners of the School). Conduct deemed  inappropriate (including but not limited to inappropriate relationships with students, interactions in violation of the School’s code of conduct or those of the individual’s professional association etc.) will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.